REDI Transports provides prisoner, juvenile, and behavioral health transports throughout the Midwest and beyond. We recognize the great responsibility that comes with the services we provide and take every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and surrounding communities. 

75% of our agents have experience in law enforcement which translates extremely well into our field of work. Other’s backgrounds are typically in other related fields, such as corrections, security and behavioral health. Our staff’s diverse exposure with various detainees enhances our ability to predict and defuse potentially threatening situations. This proficiency can then be amplified by the customized training we provide for our prisoner, juvenile, and behavioral health transport agents.

Our extensive training allows our team to prepare for the infinite scenarios they could find themselves in while transporting detainees. Our staff training includes (but is not limited to) de-escalation training, trauma informed care, specialized training for high risk detainees, effective communication techniques, CPR/first aid training, specialized search techniques, scenario training, training in HIPPA law, and training in the use of hard and soft restraints.

In addition to our highly qualified team and exceptional training program, REDI Transports remains on the cutting edge of technology. We are continually finding new ways to better qualify ourselves as a leading transport company. In recent years, we’ve adapted our vehicle technology to include gps monitoring and an in-vehicle camera system. We also have a proprietary system for nationwide, live communication that allows for collaboration in real time. With this technology, we can solidify our confidence in our agents as they are out in the field. REDI Transports also has an ASC certified mechanic on staff who is able to manage regular maintenance and assess when we may need to cycle out our vehicles to ensure a first class level of security.

At our core we are Responsive, Efficient, Dependable, and Informed. When challenges present themselves our team has the passion, education and tools needed to neutralize potentially dangerous situations. It is our goal to continue setting industry standards by being REDI for anything.