Youth Transport Services: Protecting Youth With Experience

REDI Transports has specialized in youth transports since 2005. We are the go-to partner for social workers, mental health professionals, and court administrators when it comes to youth transports. Parents can also have confidence in our respectful, compassionate care, with agents who are trained in de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention strategies. After our passenger trigger assessment, we customize the transport to be a stress-free experience. From playing their favorite music, to providing an innovative, sensory backpack to ease passengers’ anxiety – our goal is to provide compassion through calm, comfortable and safe transportations for at-risk youth.

Youth Transport Services

Court Appointments

We provide youth transports for court appointments from either healthcare facilities or detention centers. We understand the stress that the youth may be anticipating and do our best to make their experience safe and comforting.

Medical Appointments

When we provide youth transports to medical and behavioral health facilities, we fully coordinate the transportation plan and keep the passenger informed and safe at all times. We can also provide health facility guard duties during the appointment.

Youth Transfers

Whether it’s a secure youth transfer to a day program, camp or educational institution, the team at REDI uses GPS technology to track the transfer and keep all parties informed of pickups and ETAs.

Out of State

REDI not only provides local youth transfers, but has the resources and technology to provide youth transfers from coast to coast. Whether it’s the safe return of a runaway, or a youth extradition, our agents can guarantee a safe return by vehicle or airplane.

“REDI Transports remains a leader in professional, respectful and diligent agents who take great pride in their work and impact in keeping our communities safe and the people they transport safe. I would recommend them for any agency seeking a community partner to provide their service.”

Tracy, COO at InitiativeOne

Highly Trained Professionals

  • Our highly knowledgeable and professional transport agents are equipped to deal with the special transportation needs of at-risk youth. Our teams are experienced in behavioral health and assess all passenger needs.
  • Transport agents undergo extensive training to learn, develop, and refine their skills in trauma-informed care- especially when it applies to youth transports.

Safe & Reliable Vehicles

Our safe, discreet vehicles are suited for the comfort and well-being of behavioral health patients to help them remain calm. Patients are delivered in a timely manner due to our highly efficient logistics capability. Our customized security vehicles come equipped with the latest technology, audio/video surveillance, and GPS tracking to provide a safe and reliable ride for behavioral health patients and our employees. Custom humane restraints are utilized on an as needed basis. Vehicles are serviced on a regular basis by our own certified auto technician.

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