The Industrys Most Responsive & Trusted Provider of Behavioral Health & Prisoner Transport Solutions.

REDI Transports is the leading provider of behavioral health and prisoner transport services throughout the Midwest. With our leading safety record, you can depend on our professional drivers to provide safe and timely transports with responsive communication every step of the way. No matter where you’re located, it’s our guarantee to provide you with world class, secure transportation.

HIRE Vets Platinum Award 2023

We’re REDI to take your behavioral health & prisoner transport solutions to the next level with our fast, efficient, and highly responsive team of transport specialists available 24/7 for transports across the Midwest and beyond.

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Behavioral Health
Transports You Can Trust

Through our long-standing relationships with social workers in the communities we serve, we understand that you are entrusting our transport agents to care for your patients with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our staff is specially trained in trauma-informed care to ensure every patient is treated with compassion and our staff is sensitive to their specific needs. At REDI, we make every effort to provide patients with a stress-free ride in our discreet vehicles.

Responsive. Efficient. Dependable. Informed.

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Safe & Secure
Prisoner Transports

We have partnered with countless law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s offices over the years to provide a  time-saving and cost-neutral solution for prisoner transports & extraditions. We take every precaution to ensure prisoners are transported in secure vehicles and commercial flights that are safe for our staff, prisoners and the surrounding communities. Our training and professionalism is unmatched in the industry, which has led us to become the leading transport company with a superior safety record since our inception in 2006.


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