Reliable Transports
& Valued Partnerships

REDI Transports can save you time and money by freeing up department resources, providing stress-free dependable delivery, and constant, reliable communication throughout the entire process.

When you look at the expense of transport coordination, overtime, vehicles, training, maintenance and insurance, REDI Transports offers a cost-neutral and resource-efficient alternative to state, county, and private organizations. Plus, compared to other transportation companies, REDI has a leading safety record and is known throughout the industry for its reliability, efficient process, communication and detailed follow-through.  

Custom pricing

At REDI, we understand that each of you are unique and so are the partnerships that we strive to create and maintain. Therefore, we offer custom pricing options to match the specific needs and budgets of the agencies we partner with.

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A Responsive, Timely Process


At REDI, we sleep with our boots on–waiting for the next call, the next last-minute transport, the next successful transport. Our response center is set up to reply to requests within 1 hour and, if possible, can have a team of professionals sent out for a pick-up within 3 hours.


From the first phone call to the last paperwork, we make our process as streamlined as possible. We are here to make your life easier and to save you time, department resources, and stress. Compared to department operational costs, REDI is the efficient and value-driven alternative. 


AT REDI we know that we are in the logistics business. Our reliability and on-time record is why customers partner with us. Courthouses, prisons and hospitals run like clockwork and so do we. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being your on-time partner.


Between internal training sessions, hands-on situation drills, trauma informed care seminars and industry-leading continuing education events -– We constantly train, learn and hire to be the best in the industry.

“Lake County Sheriff’s Office Illinois has been a customer with REDI Transports since March 2013. Their service is prompt, exceptional, stress free, reliable, and are a phone call or email away. REDI Transports has never been late in pickups or drop offs. The Transporters are professional, well dressed, and very friendly. I have spoken with a few of them, they are always courteous, and I was advised by the inmate that they were very respectful to them. It has been a pleasure to work with REDI Transports and will continue to do so.”

– Deb Krause, Lake County Illinois Sheriff’s Office