Prisoner Transport Services:
Dependability Delivered

REDI Transports has specialized in providing prisoner transport services since 2006. We have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to save law enforcement agencies significant time and money associated with using their own staff for prisoner transports. Our training and professionalism is unmatched in our industry, which makes us your best choice for prisoner transports.

Prisoner Transport Services

Transporting In State Detainees

We work with sheriff’s offices, as well as other law enforcement agencies, to transport detainees on writs of habeus corpus, warrants, and judgments of conviction within our state borders. By partnering with law enforcement, our professional transport agents allow those agencies to free up important resources to do other, proactive police work.

Court Appointments

We can provide a local sheriff’s office with court appointment transports which allow inmates to be transported to court so local cases can be heard while the detainee is in custody. We also transport inmates from local prisons to court dates, so inmate cases can be heard while a sentence is being served on a separate conviction.


We transport warrants from one jail to another. These warrants are typically associated with a full service contract by the county requesting a warrant pick up from outside the contracted county.


When contacted by another agency, we will extradite people wanted by another state. Customers can complete a transport request and receive a price quote within that business day. Transports can usually be scheduled within that business week and once the transport agent is scheduled, the detainee is delivered in the next 24 to 48 hours. We transport detainees by vehicle and by commercial flights and ensure the detainee is transported in a safe and secure setting. Our trained agents have a vast amount of experience in long drives and airline detainee flight protocols providing a safe environment for everyone involved.

Juvenile Transports

We transport juveniles to and from court, detention, residential treatment, and more at the request of the agencies we work with. Our coordinators go the extra mile in matching juveniles with agents best suited for their personalities and needs. Additional time, attention, and care is given to the special circumstances surrounding the transportation of juveniles in state or across state lines.

Hospital Guard Duty

We can transport prisoners to medical facilities and subsequently transport them back after receiving necessary medical care. We provide 24/7/365 security for prisoners admitted to health care facilities for the extent of their treatment.

“We have utilized REDI Transports for over 8 years for our extradition needs. They have provided us with a safe, yet cost effective means of returning felons to be held accountable for their actions. This relationship has evolved into a trusted partnership.”

– Sheriff Jim Johnson, Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office

Highly Trained Professionals

  • Our team consists of trained experts from their fields, with backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, social work, education, trauma-informed care, and more.
  • Our highly trained and knowledgeable agents are equipped to deal with prisoner transports to low, medium, and high security facilities. Our agents participate in ongoing training to learn, develop, and refine their skills related to prisoner transports.
  • In addition, all of our prisoner transport agents are licensed to carry firearms by the State of Wisconsin Professional Standards Board and are recognized in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Extradition agents use discreet tactics which follow TSA and FBI regulations for transporting fugitive detainees on commercial airlines.
secure prisoner transport van

Safe & Reliable Vehicles

REDI Transports’ vehicle fleet is comprised of customized security vehicles equipped with the latest technology, audio/video surveillance and GPS tracking to provide a safe ride for prisoners and guarantee efficiency for our customers. Vehicles are serviced on a regular basis by our own certified auto technician.