REDI Transports, formerly Wisconsin Lock and Load, was founded by Gregg Haney in 2006. After retiring from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, Haney was dedicated to absorbing the responsibility of transporting prisoners to enable law enforcement officers to tend to other critical duties. With the majority of REDI Transports’ staff having a history in law enforcement, we have experienced first hand how to neutralize and control potential dangerous situations by continually expanding our education and training.

Our great success could not have been possible without the tenacious efforts of Dennis Kocken. This former Brown County Sheriff, now REDI employee, went to the supreme court in 2003 to establish the right to use a private company for prisoner transport. Without this legal precedent, REDI Transports could have never existed. We are honored to have Dennis as a part of our team, sharing his expertise and passion for the industry.

In recent years, REDI Transports began to recognize opportunities for growth. Starting with a transfer in ownership, our company went through a full transformation both inside and out. 

Lannea Haney, a retired officer from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and wife of Gregg Haney, took ownership of what was then Wisconsin Lock and Load, in 2019. As part of a male-dominant industry, Lannea saw a need for equal representation in their management team to ensure a more balanced and informed perspective. In doing so Lannea transitioned the company to the leadership of her daughter, Crystal Cook. With a background in strategic planning, Crystal and her team are constantly evolving to become the leading provider of human service transports across the nation.

With these internal changes, we began to recognize dissonance between who our company is at its core and what our name represented. Our company was rapidly expanding outside of the state, while also introducing new services to incorporate behavioral health transport. We needed a new title that would elicit the same reliability as the previous name, while also softening any intimidation derived from our relationship with law enforcement. With this, REDI Transports was born. This new title and brand identity freed our company of any limitations to a single service or region and does a great job of defining who we are at our core:  responsive, efficient, dependable, and informed.

At REDI Transports, it is our goal to set industry standards with progressive leadership, quality training, and solidified core values that guide our team towards the future. We are proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary with such a strong and motivated team and we look forward to watching our establishment continue to grow.